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Thank you for commissioning ceramics, means a lot!


Few details about the commission:


IT IS ALWAYS NECESSARY TO CONTACT ME BEFORE PAYING THE DEPOSIT - we can discuss by email details about the item/s, waiting time and shipping.

It can take up to 4-6 weeks to receive the item. We will discuss  the time frame (depending from the planned firing, it can be quicker to receive the item) and the individual price, so both sides can agree for the terms.


The shipping price is free with this purchase/deposit and can be vary depending from the size of commissioned item and depending from the destination. It is all added up to the general price that both sides agreed via email communication. 

Commissioning the ceramics from me means that you are familiar with my ceramic and illustration style. I hand build most of my pieces and I feel like the imperfections and sort of wonkiness, is what makes them special.



Feel free to ask any questions, happy to help!



Ceramic commission. Please, contact me before paying the deposit

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