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This is for the authorisation of having one of my already existing illustrations tattooed. 

Although I love seeing my designs tattooed on all of you lovely people I do appreciate (and request) authorisation to do so. This purchase will give you a digital certificate which you can show your tattoo artist along with a decent quality image of your desired illustration.

Not all of my designs are available for tattooing or good enough quality to do so. 

This certificate is for ONE person and ONE tattoo only. For multiple designs or multiple people, please purchase the adequate amount of Tattoo Tickets. 

If you’d like a custom design just for you please get in touch for a quote! 

Disclaimer: I am not a tattoo artist and do not tattoo myself. You will have to find your own independent tattoo artist to execute this design on your body. This is just for the authorisation of the design and not for the tattoo itself.

Any questions get in touch via My website or email me at:

Tattoo ticket

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